• Few months ago, a friend of mine and I were looking at different options for our sons, young intermediate tennis players and competitions. We wanted them to get more individual attention, to get them more developed and refined, after they scent some time in various group programs. Researching online led us to My Tennis Lessons (MTL), and Peter came up, as closest choice, both in distance and credentials. We book. 13 semi-individual lessons, not knowing how will it all work out. It turned out it was one of the best decisions, things, experiences we ever did for our boys. Peter is a really nice person, and great coach. From the very first lesson, he made our sons engaged and comfortable with his style, and by the third lesson, we felt as if Peter was a long-time friend. He is very flexible and accommodating, going out of his way to make things work for everyone, despite his busy (demanding) schedule, even with the last-minute changes we sometimes need to do, due to competition schedules. Seasoned in what he does, with a keen eye for details, Peter was able to make quick assessments of boys' strengths and weaknesses, both technically and strategically, immediately starting to make adjustments and corrections in various scales. He is patient and passionate, which is rare quality, allowing him to combine different needs, different personalities, and different teaming styles of our sons, into a productive session, each and every one of them. Mixing different drills from one session to another, Peter keeps lessons fresh and interesting, while keeping boys sham, on-edge and tun.-in, combining fun and disciplined approach. Within the variety and excellent assortment of exercises, Peter is very consistent (persistent), with the underlaying tone and focus on the very basics and fundamentals; footwork, shot preparation, execution and follow-up, correcting serve motions, baseline shots and volleys, covering the aspects of the whole game, across the whole court. In his methodical, systematic approach, providing many great, simple tips, fixing details (that make the difference in the actual game), we can easily sense his genuine care, will and desire for both boys to excel, to their best potentials, and biggest capacities. And boys, they can't wait for the next lesson, often staying around and playing some more tennis (drills too!), applying newfound knowledge and skills, driving Peter - smiling (and shaking his head, nodding good plays, with a proud wink in his eye). Besides the lessons being very reasonably priced and affordable through MTL program, it is clear that Peter brings great value to boys' tennis development (value is not defined by what one pays, rather by what one gets in return), helping them to bring the understanding of, and tennis competence, competitiveness, to next, more advanced and serious level. On several occasions boys couldn't meet, and took individual lessons with Peter, and it is impressive, if not amazing, how much Peter is able to accomplish in 1hr of a concentrated dose of tennis, one-on-one attention and tutoring (hitting MANY balls), pointing to specifics, fine-tuning, and always, always challenging boys to simply try their best, keeping it fun and enjoyable experience, developing their love for the game, never making lessons feel like work. In about two months now with Peter, I've witnessed personally more improvements, gains, evolution and acceleration of my son, tennis game, than in probably nine months within a prestigious local tennis club. His excitement and desire for tennis, as a wonderful life-long sport, as well as the tournament results, have never been stronger, and this has to do a lot with Peter; he truly deserves this credit. I can only hope, and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Peter, as my son's coach, seeing many great benefits so far. Sometimes we watch Peter working with prior or next client(s), and it, always so interesting/inspiring to see how easily he adapts to each and every one of them, and their specific needs and wants, whether they just grabbed the racquet for the first time, or are very advanced. Whatever You desire to achieve in the world of tennis, I'm confident Peter can help You. I know this, because this is my own, personal, true testimonial and (my son's) wonderful experience.
    Dean (North Jersey Area)

  • With Pete's coaching and training I was able to improve my forehand, backhand, volleys, and serve. With his help, I become a varisty tennis player my sophomore year. He conditioned me to play long matches which helped me compete against the best high school players in Bergen County.
    Elizabeth Parisi

  • "My daughter just started taking lessons with Peter this summer and I already see a big improvement in her game. Another thing I like a lot about Peter is his flexibility with scheduling and his responsiveness in communication.”
    Michael H. - December 30, 2014

  • I have never played tennis before but always thought it would be fun to play and the kind of sport I would like, so I started taking lessons with coach Peter for a few months now and have seen amazing improvements. He is very professional and has outstanding teaching skills, always ready to help me learn and understand different techniques and improve my tennis game. I went from not knowing how to play tennis to actually being able to rally with other people and succeed. Lessons with coach Peter are not only fun, but I can also see the tremendous improvement in my tennis game every time I go. I highly recommend coach Peter!
    Efrat T.

  • "Peter is excellent! He is patient with beginners. He has taught my son so much in a short period of time."
    Ljd - September 2, 2015

  • "Peter is a teacher by profession and it definitely comes through in his instruction. He is very patient, extremely helpful and I couldn't be happier that I never started with another instructor. He has a definite rational in his teaching approach. I find that sometimes people who play a sport well are not always good at teaching that sport. Many teachers in all fields have a problem in that area, yet Peter excels in his level of teaching. I evaluate teachers all year long as part of my job description and he is a 10+."
    Peter I. - July 21, 2014

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